France Russia relationship in figures

Economic relations between France and Russia in figures:

– each year there are more than 5,400 French expatriates in Russia (with a peak of 6,000 expatriates in 2013). Over a total of 175 700 expatriates.

– trade is set at 11 billion euros, which represents 2% of the total trade in France. The peak reached 20 billion euros in 2011.

– France is the world’s 7th largest supplier to Russia. Its market share is 3.2% of Russian imports.

– the cancellation of the contract of the two Mistral (military boat) of 950 million euros will cost 2 billion euros to France, which had not respected the contract as a result of Russian interference in the Ukrainian crisis.

– 170 million euros, this is the cost of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Paris. The Kremlin is owning this new building of more than 4200 m².