Foam noise in the ear

If you hear cracklings or like bath foam with a ten-fold tone in one of your ears, then this may come from one thing:

– the Eustachian channel.

This conduit (located behind the anvil and the hammer) is irritated because you are surrounded by intermittent noise that lasts several hours every day (ventilation of air conditioners, computer, refrigerator, traffic noise on the road, noise of discussions if you are a call centre agent…). The Eustachian conduit will generate mucus and be partially blocked. It is this mucus that generates the noise.

This is not a serious problem but in some cases it can degenerate, the sound of cracklings you can hear during a few seconds every 3-4 days can be repeated all day long, such as a tinnitus. And in extremely rare cases, you can lose hearing.

There is no miracle treatment, it is often advised to make steam baths, mouth open, a blanket on the head for more than 30 minutes every day, to properly receive steam. You should know that the medicine of the ear is still in its infancy nowadays, we will simply at best do an injection of cortisone directly into the eardrum (this can cause incredible pain on the moment) or send you to do hyperbaric chamber sessions.

Consult with your doctor to be sure of the origin of the phenomenon, whether it will deteriorate and what treatment to adopt.

To make steam baths

You can put yourself over a pan with a towel on your head but this is not suitable and you may get burned. The best is to use a Nano Ionic facial steamer that generates steam. You will then have to be close to it and open your mouth without necessarily breathing deeply the steam. The mechanisms of the ear are closely connected to the lower jaw. Previously they were directly welded in the jaw and then they have been separated from it.


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