How to fight cat fleas and ticks?

How to prevent the cat from bringing back a whole lot of fleas and ticks at home. And especially how to prevent fleas from breeding and swarm on the animal with the outbreak of flea larvae. If we let things get worse, they will hide in the carpet or in our socks. They will especially push the cat to scratch, sometimes to the blood, especially on the ears; the veterinarian may be required to cut the cat’s ears if they become swollen, and the cat will have to wear a collar for several months; he will also be banned from going out.

Control collar for cats on ebay

The best solution to fight this plague is to opt for a pest control collar for cats. It lasts between 7 and 8 months. The active ingredient is gradually released through a new control technology throughout the wearing of the collar. A kitten over 10 weeks old can wear this necklace. If the cat is wet, it does not affect the effectiveness of the active product. There is a safety system if the cat is hooked to a fence, or to the branch of a tree. The product is lethal to the pests, it is also repellent.