Factors that can affect fertility

Here is the list of factors that can affect the fertility:

Fertility problems can touch men and women passing a certain age. Hormonal action may be disrupted over time. Women’s fertility declines rapidly when the woman is over 40 years old. Variables of the uterus are affected, such as fibroids. For men, age usually has a lesser effect on fertility.

The frequency of sex can have an impact. Couples who have high sexual activity are more likely to get pregnant. Increasing the frequency of reporting increases the possibility of having a child.

It is important to take into account the environment surrounding the couple. If they live in an area close to factories that generate a lot of pollution, this can be problematic. Or close to a crossroads or highway with high CO2 emissions.

Bad daily habits, such as smoking, alcoholic beverages can dramatically degrade fertility. Extreme sports with excessive exercise, with the intake of artificial food supplements can disrupt the secretion of hormones. Regular medication can also be harmful to the body’s hormonal balance.


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