Facebook in figures

Each month there are:

– 1.94 billion people that connect to Facebook. This is a 17% increase over the last year. The two billion people mark will be reached without problem this year.

– 1.28 billion users that log on daily and that are active.

– 700 million people that log on Instagram,
– 1.2 billion people that log on to WhatsApp,
– 1.2 billion people that log on Messenger,
– The connectivity reaches up to 16Gbps.

Mobile now accounts for 85% of Facebook’s advertising revenues.

– One video out of five is a live.

– There are 7,500 moderators.

– 37% of the users live in Asia Pacific. 12% come from the USA and Canada, 18% from Europe, 32.6% from the rest of the world. In less than two years, the center of gravity has moved from North America to Asia.

– 100 million subscribers actively use community groups.