What is the best external battery for the Samsung Galaxy S8?

Here is a ranking of the external batteries for Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone with their capacity in mAh, the respective energy capacity of the battery, the price, the average rating and the number of reviews in the main online shops.

External batteryCapacityBattery energy capacityAverage ratingReviewsPrice
FR RP-PB006 B20000 mAh81 Wh4,6312$52
D-B30-MET22400BR-122400 mAh83 Wh4,37846$49
FR-PB-N36-N20000 mAh74 Wh4,31151$43
OMPB10KBLPLT-UK10000 mAh18 Wh4,3222$30
V153_RJ battery12000 mAh37 Wh4,22233$29
PB-K6-15600-BK-FA15600 mAh58 Wh4,02675$35
XD-PB-003-BLA20100 mAhNA3,9930$34
Battery YZT000524000 mAh89 Wh3,7711$45

The prices may vary. Shipping costs are not included.