What is the best extension of related articles for WordPress

There is a plethora of extensions to get the famous related articles. The reality is that most of them are just bad. They can have a very good interface but overall the items offered have nothing to do, or will be limited to the posts of the same category. Others are pretty good but the presentation is execrable with only textual links.

The best extension of related articles is Contextual Related Posts. It is so excellent, we get as shown on their presentation page twice as many page views. Users will indeed be encouraged to browse other pages of the website with information related to their search. It’s just exceptional! We actually have the best possible articles in relation to the content of the page visited. Of course we could go even further, but then it would be necessary to use artificial intelligence that would know via synonyms, lists of similar subjects how to ranke the similarity rate of the different texts.

In the medium term, we also get twice as many visits. Google will increase the quality rating of our pages on the results of their search engine. The keywords of the relative links help to increase the ratio of the content with the title of the page.


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