The most expensive metal detectors

Among the most expensive and also the most powerful metal detectors are:

White's Surf PI Dual Field$823500 khz-12 inches
MineLab Safari$999100 khz-16 inches
Nokta Fors Core Pro$1,02715 khz-12 inches
Garrett GTI 2500 Pro$1,1897 khz10 feet15 inches
KTS Pulse AR II$1,260--6 feet
Fisher CZ21$1,29915 khz-16 inches
XP Deus$1,43018 khz-17 inches
MineLab Excalibur II$1,60025 khz-13 inches
Ground Pioneer 4500$2,312100 hz-26 feet
KTS Pulse AR III$2,379--16 feet
MineLab CTX 3030$2,675100 khz-18 inches
SS 3100$2,749--4 feet
Garrett ATX$2,85019 khz10 feet36 inches
Typhoon Pro$2,989--?
MineLab SDC 2300$3,000-10 feet14 inches
MineLab GPX 5000$3,500--24 inches
Makro JeoHunter 3D Dual System$4,00013 khz-6 feet
DRS Ground Exper Light$4,789205.8 khz-16 feet
Lorenz Deep Max X5$4,799--10 feet
Georadar$4,830--11 feet
DRS Ground Exper PRO$4,950--16 feet
Makro DeepHunter PRO Package$5,700--16 feet
Nokta Golden King DPR$5,90017.5 khz-26 feet
Nokta Golden King NGR$5,99117.5 khz-26 feet
Nokta Golden King$5,900--?
DRS Stealth Scanner PRO$5,989--49 feet
Easyrad Shielded$6,229500 mhz-26 feet
Lorenz Deep Max X6$6,559--10 feet
GoldRadar S$7,189--?
Easyradar$7,200100 khz-39 feet
DRS Proradar X1 version PRO$7,500--59 feet
DRS Proradar X1$8,600--49 feet
DRS Water System$8,989205.8 khz-393 feet
Lorenz Deep Max Z1$9,377--11 feet
GPZ 7000 MineLab$10,400-3 feet33 inches
GoldRadar 2S$9,588--?
DRS Advanced Resistivity Scanner$9,500--164 feet
GoldRadar 3D$11,200--?
OKM Rover C II$11,629--82 feet
GoldRadar 4S$11,629--?
OKM Rover UC$12,599--33 feet
DRS Proradar X2$13,189--66 feet
KTS GPA 3000$13,680--82 feet
DRS Proradar X3$13,900--82 feet
OKM EXP 4000$14,089--6 feet
DRS Proradar X4$15,900--82 feet
OKM EXP 4500 PRO$17,600--10 feet
OKM EXP 5000$21,519--82 feet
GoldRadar 8S$23,989--?
DRS Proradar X5$25,800--164 feet
GoldRadar 16S$29,989--?
OKM EXP 6000 PRO$36,300--?
Geovizer$?250 khz-23 feet
AEMP-14$?250 khz-33 feet
PSRMA-14$?250 khz-33 feet
Nemfis$?250 khz-33 feet

Note: these prices don’t include shipping costs. They can also evolve through time.

With the Geovizer, a new generation of ground radars is coming in this year. It will make detection up to 164 feet deep for large objects but above all 23 feet deep for “small objects” like nuggets of 6 inches. This is not very useful for ordinary mortals, since it then requires construction machinery to dig. But if you have the means to have an armada and the permits, you can then consider looking for gold, silver, copper deposits.

It is necessary to know that it is for the moment still impossible to find a coin more than 20 inches. Beyond this depth, it must be a coin cache or a treasure.

For nuggets smaller than 1-1.5 inches, it is difficult to go beyond 24 inches deep.


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