The Evil Within 2, as good as the first episode

The Evil Within 2 is as good as the first episode. At the beginning, we are a bit scared because the realization is very close to a Japanese game’s one, with characters too smooth, perfect faces, flawless, clear voices. Dialogues that change completely from a scene to another.

Finally, we quickly plunge back into the same nightmarish atmosphere of the first, with evil beings, many zombie monsters that devours humans. Quite unbeatable creatures, which you would better avoid or attract elsewhere.

We play a character who must find his daughter, through the Stem, a system that allows access to another world controlled by obscure minds. This will require you to find the members of a rescue team and to work with them to conduct the investigation, retrieving the clues needed for Lily’s search. It will be useful to get hold of all the objects that will allow us to manufacture bullets for pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles; or to develop these weapons.