ESA wants to build a base on the Moon

While the NASA targets Mars and Phobos with a manned flight to the Red Planet by 2030, ESA, on its side wants to build a base on the Moon, which would be called the Village.

ESA scientists plan to install a telescope on the hidden side of the moon. Facilities to launch mineral exploration of the Moon. Bungalows to accommodate tourists. A launch base for more remote missions (Mars and beyond). A space refueller. The manufacture of a fuel for spaceships thanks to the buried water (ice form) under the ground and thus to eliminate the propellant. We could then make U$ 10 billion savings for missions to Mars each year with ships that are less heavy to launch.

To build the village, we would use 3D printing and the raw material present on the Moon.

A trip to the Moon takes a week, versus two years for Mars.

Russia and China could participate.