The best electronic sewing machine to start

Which electronic machine is the most suitable when you want to sew while you’re a beginner? Which sewing machine has most of the options found in specialty brands but with an affordable price?

Brother CS10 electronic sewing machine

The Brother CS10 electronic sewing machine has an affordable price. It has a liquid crystal display that shows all the necessary information of the desired stitching point. Whether the length, the width or the type of foot to use.

You have access to more than 40 stitches of decorative and utilitarian type. With all types of fabric possible. The five main buttonhole styles are fully automatable; it saves us an incredible time.

Threading the thread into the eye of the needle is facilitated by the integration of the needle threader. We have access to key sewing functions. The horizontal can is quickly set up with the help of a specialized system that makes the sewing machine easy to use. A LED lighting device improves the visual comfort.

The machine is user-friendly when we start in the free seam, with a free arm, a speed of 850 points per minute, with a tension adjustment, more than 6 claws drive. The arm is long enough to sew pants around the knee.

The sewing machine is sturdy, light and compact. We can do everything with it, be it the buttons, the invisible stitch, the monogram, the zipper, the zig-zag. We can easily make a dress from A to Z.

With the machine are sold: cans, a standard needle, a double needle, a cleaning brush, a super coil. A DVD shows all the basic settings, and their respective instructions. There are notices in several languages.

It is not noisy depending on the speed chosen.