The best electronic reader

Electronic reading devices have revolutionized the world of reading, it is now possible to have all of our books in a specialized tactile tablet. No more large libraries that weighs a ton and are appalling to relocate.

More available space at home, a great ecological step, with lesser trees cut.

The electronic reader can be adopted quickly, despite the lack of the tactile and “sensual” side of the paper book. Today, the resolution of these devices is perfect, it is now even possible to read comics on such screens.

The best reading device is the Kindle Paperwhite which is a must-have, with its backlighting, 300 ppi resolution, a battery that can last weeks thanks to the use of electronic ink, a Wi-Fi connection. It is possible to read pdf, mobi, html, doc, docx, jpeg, gif, png, bmp.

The backlight allows you to read quietly at night when the light goes down or to not disturb the spouse.

The only negative side is the disparition of the page number, the progression of reading is expressed in percentage. However it can be modified later with an update.