Effective penis pump to enlarge the penis?

Is there a penis pump that actually works to permanently enlarge the penis?

Air pump :

It is already known that the penis pump makes it possible to enlarge the penis effectively inside the cylinder; the penis is then much larger than it is in the normal state. It is stretched by the suction of the air. However there is no result in the long term, we only get momentary gains that disappear after a few hours.

So what is the classic penis pump for? It can inflate the sexual genitals, which can provide some visual pleasure. It creates lymph in the penis that is swollen. We actually get a much bigger penis, which can be interesting for a different sex practice. The individual has a much larger penis and therefore provides more sensation to our sexual partner.

Beware that if the use of the penis pump is too frequent (for example every day) and too prolonged (one hour or more per day), then it can damage the erectile functions of the penis. You will need viagra to get an erection again. Do not leave the penis longer than 10-15 minutes inside the cylinder, do not use too much pressure (hence the interest of having a gauge on the pump). And most of all, do not put a ring or elastic around the penis after using the pump, it is the best way to damage your penis. The skin can also be irritated. Blisters may appear on the glans if the pressure is too strong.

The FunXtra Power Penis Pump is more than enough to see the kind of sensation it gives. It has a pressuremeter, so there is less chance of hurting yourself.

Water pump:

The water pump has a similar function, except that it is the water that will exert pressure and make the penis grow. The advantage of this technique is that the water used is hot and the gains over the medium and long term will continue. This is the heat that will allow the penis to absorb the gaps created during the stretching of the penis and thus to build the necessary tissue for the enlargement of the penis. We can hope to win up to 1-2 inches. It takes 2-3 years to reach the maximum gain. Then it will be necessary to let the penis rest during some years to retry in the future. This gain is real. The potential depends on the genetics of each, some will have huge gains and others no gain.

The best water pump is the Bathmate Hercules, there are several models. It is advised to start with the least expensive. Then move on to the ultimate version which is wider, longer and exerts more pressure. The use of this pump is simple, it must be filled with hot water (very hot, to the limit of the bearable) in the bath or shower, then introduce your penis, give pumps. And let the suction effect do its job for a few minutes (10-15 minutes). You can see your penis grows in live through the tube. You will repeat the operation 2-3 times thereafter (depending on how much time you have). As for bodybuilding, it is better to leave 1-2 days of break after two days of sessions; it is at this moment that the tissue is created. It is important not to have an erection in the tube during exercise.

Additional exercises:

We recommend that you do the so-called jelqs for 10-15 minutes after the session. It is about massaging the penis, as if you were going to milk the cow’s udder, ie from the base up to the end of the phallus, just before the head. Each milking takes 3 seconds. You have to squeeze the penis slightly, all without having an erection. The goal is to extend the stretched state of the penis while it is still hot. It’s a kind of decompression phase before the penis regains its normal temperature. This exercise is not an obligation, but those who have noticed consistent gains have practiced it regularly. You will need intimate gel (natural water based); Sunflower oil can also do the trick.


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