A durable solar lamp for the garden

It is known the solar lights are all calamitous, they last 2-3 months then die definitively. This is due to water infiltration into the unit. Or solar panels that are badly crafted, with the heat they quickly lose their efficiencies. Or to the accumulator which is no longer able to store the energy received during the day. So is there a solar lamp resistant to weather, to atmospheric variations?

And the answer is yes. Fortunately the technology has evolved and it is now ready to design beautiful external lamps that will last for months and years. It is the HETP Solar Lights Outdoor Garden that is the most suitable for this purpose. It will be perfect to light up the entrance of the house, when you come back at night and you are looking for the keys, to illuminate the garden to see if there is not a beast that roams, if a person has not infiltrated the property; to light up around the pool when you bathe in the evening.

It can also be used to enlighten the fence, the yard, the stairs, the driveway, the patio. It has a motion detector to preserve its energy. It has 38 powerful LEDs. It is waterproof (it has been tested with IP65 impermeability, ie high quality). Its light is intense white, it is equivalent to 500 lumens. Its battery is 1500 mAh, it recharges quickly. Its solar panels are efficient. It has 3 modes with a constant lowered brightness, an activation with the movement of an individual then a disappearance of the light, or an activation with the passage of a human and a continuation of the light; so we know if someone passed by the house.


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