Disadvantages of wind turbines

The transport of the parts, whether the blades or the foot requires special convoys.

Energy is produced with a minimum wind speed of 10 feet / s and a maximum wind speed of 82 feet / s. The wind turbine does not work on all windy days. And there is no wind every day. It is therefore an intermittent energy source.

It poses a problem concerning the visual harmony of the horizon for residents. It is indeed not very pleasant to have a landscape with large objects in permanent movement when conditions are met.

It can generate an unpleasant constant noise. Just like an electric relay tower, nearby homes can hear a continuous “bzzzzz” that can give tinnitus, increase tension and stress.

They are limited to certain areas. The wind must circulate at best most of the time, so in large valleys, or flat expanses.

Offshore wind turbines can pose problems for fishermen and boaters who may collide with them or be restricted in their navigability.

Its average energy efficiency is only 20% (against 80% for nuclear).