What are the disadvantages to using a VPN?

VPNs offer a large amount of benefits. They are easy to use. They usually have very little inconvenience. Their price is reduced to be able to fill a maximum of Internet users of countries such as China, Iran or Russia. However they can sometimes generate latency in connecting to a network, essentially when it comes to streaming video services. This happens when the user initiates a connection via the VPN to a server in another part of the world. It is then advisable to limit ourselves to countries close to our location.

Another disadvantage is that the company offering the VPN service will keep our connection information thanks to log files, and will then spy on the use of the services by its own customers, which goes against the rights and individual computer freedoms. That’s why it can be important to conduct your investigation before choosing a VPN, to see what rating it gets on online rating sites, to see the advice of cyber security experts on dedicated forums.


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