What is the difference between a 5W40 and a 15W40 oil?

Which oil should we choose between 5W40 engine oil and 15W40? What type of engine are they best suited for? What are the main differences between their properties?

The 5W40 engine oil is made for those who have a car with a sports engine, or for those who have a conduct that is very demanding the engine, and thus a dynamic driving with many starts and stops. But also for recent engines. It is an oil that is 100% synthetic.

The 15W40 oil is an engine oil that will be more suitable for older vehicles, older than 12 years, the diesel car without turbo, or the vehicles with high mileage. It is a mineral oil that is much thicker. It offsets a significant oil consumption. It is advisable to reduce the emptying intervals with an oil that has a such viscosity, since mineral oils tend to lose their lubricating properties quickly.

Best 5W40 oil:

The Castrol EDGE Turbo Diesel 5W-40 5L engine oil, is reinforced by the Titanium FSTTM, a technological concept that changes the structure of the lubricant when it is subjected to great pressures. Its performance is proven. It reduces friction up to 15%. It maintains efficient even when the stresses are extreme. The deposits are reduced, and the reactivity of the engine is optimized.

Best 15W40 oil:

The MANNOL 16214000000 15W40 sL / cF, 5 l oil has a high lubricating and anti-oxidation power. It extends the life of the engine as well as the catalyst one. The engine sees its reliability increased in extreme conditions.

Please read the manual of your vehicle to know which oil is the most suitable for your engine.