Demographics of China in the future

Here is the possible evolution of the Chinese demography in the future, until 2100. This is a simple estimate taking into account the current growth. It does not integrate the fact that the more people are concentrated in the city and the less they reproduce, because life becomes too expensive. Or they no longer need offspring to pay for their old age, because their country has set up a better retirement system.

Key points: 1950: 544 million, 1982: 1 billion, 1987: 1.1 billion, 1994: 1.2 billion, 2005: 1.3 billion, 2019: 1.4 billion.

Book that might interest you:

The book Interpreting China’s Economy reviews the world’s second largest economy, with its ambitions, its goals in terms of technological advances, with a comparison with the American economy. This book explains how China has reached a hyperpower level and how it intends to remain so over time.


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