What are the dangers of the fish pedicure?

The fish pedicure is a gentle cleaning of the feet by small fish. It consists of dipping the feet into container filled with water and fish eating dead skin. It is in a certain way a natural exfoliation.

The fish pedicure provides a feeling of perfect zen moment, with therapeutic effects. It is the Gurra Rufa, the doctor fish, which is the most used by the establishments. It sucks dead skin and has no teeth.

This practice is not yet regulated. It comes from the Middle East. There are more and more Institutes of beauty care and the success is here.

The biggest dangers are the lack of hygiene of the customers. The transmissions of diseases can thus be promoted. We can be contaminated by bacteria, or other germs. It is advised by health organisms to avoid these containers if we are diabetic, if we have a compromised immune system, if we have lesions on the feet, or any other cutaneous wounds.

Some institutes have larger than normal fish and have teeth. However, these can cause microscopic wounds and facilitate the transmission of bacteria that can generate skin diseases, fungal infections and warts, among others.

According to health associations, it would be necessary to train the staff to strengthen consumer safety.