Cuphead, a game too hard?

A debate is raging right now, is Cuphead a game too hard? Cuphead is a platform game with unique graphics reminiscent of cartoons from the 30s-40s. We wonder why Disney never thought about it. However we quickly realize that the game has some difficulty. It is not a classic platform game like Mario Land, but a “Run and Gun” hard game, with the Dark Souls sauce. It has been clearly developed for players who like difficulty. If we dig, we can quickly understand what the villains do, what are their patterns, and then what are the commands that can be used to counter these mechanisms and kill the enemy.

It can take 15 minutes to kill a boss, even without being dead once. So yes Cuphead is a hard game, it is not for everyone. It can make crazy those who just want to relax. And it’s a shame because it could gather many more players if the simple mode was really simple. It can be said that it is clearly a mistake from the developers not to allow consumers to properly fix the difficulty. We would like to see more of the various animations that embellish the game.


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