Corsica stastistics

Here are the figures that detail the specificities of Corsica:

Inhabitants324 212 inhabitants
Density37 inhabitants / km²
Area8 722 km²
Length184 km
Width83 km
First colony-6000 av JC
Franch since1768
Labour force37,6%
Job seekers10,6%
GDP proportion France0,4%
GDP per inhabitants$30 153
GDP per inhabitants France$36 542
Homicide rates1 for 10 800 inhabitants
Homicide rates France1 for 95 000 inhabitants
Its area is the same as the one of Loire-Atlantique or Nievre.

It is as populous as Nice or Nantes.

The homicide rate is 9 times higher than the one of mainland France.


What we see is that the GDP of Corsica is quite insignificant compared to the overall French GDP. Corsica has the same GDP as the following cities: Saint-Etienne, Nancy, Caen, Toulon. Its GDP per capita is 18% lower than the one in France.

The main sector of activity is agriculture with notably the Corsican sheep for its milk, its meat and its wool. Then chestnut and olive growing.

Then the industry with construction. Mineral waters, fish soups, biscuits, processed meat.

Tourism, with sports activities, gastronomy.

Bastia is the leading Mediterranean port in terms of passenger traffic and the second largest in France after Calais.