Comparison of Tesla cars

Comparison of the different models of Tesla cars.

ModelTesla Model 3 StandardTesla Model 3 EtendueTesla Model S 75Tesla Model S 75DTesla Model S 100DTesla Model S P100DTesla Model X P100D
Range215 miles310 miles280 miles290 miles370 miles355 miles350 miles
0-60 mph5,6 s5,1 s5,8 s5,4 s4,4 s2,7 s3,1 s
Max speed130 mph140 mph140 mph140 mph155 mph155 mph155 mph
Electric Motor175 kW300 kW235 kW244 kW444 kW444 kW440 kW
Torque440 Nm650 Nm440 Nm525 Nm660 Nm967 Nm1074 Nm
Battery60 kWh75 kWh75 kWh75 kWh90 kWh100 kW100 kW
Charging time 110V14h16h14h14h7h97h12h
Charging time 220V7h8h7h7h3,5h11h7h
Guarantee4 years4 years4 years4 years4 years4 years4 years
Battery guarantee8 years8 years8 years8 years8 years8 years8 years

There are other versions, like the S 85, and the variations of the Model X.