Comparison of the performances of the Intel Core i9 processors

Here is the performances of the various Intel Core i9 processors:

Performances of the Intel Core i9 processors (Geekbench 4).

Average of the last 250 tests for each processor on the Geekbench 4 benchmark software.

The most interesting

As we can see, there is very little difference in practice between these processors. The Intel Core i9-7900X remains the most interesting processor. It is besides this one which is the most sold. It’s better than the 7920X and 7940X whereas they should be well ahead. It is not far from 7980XE and 7960X. It is the 7900X which has the best results on the simple core, so we have a processor which will be good in game, and excellent in computation.

The most powerful for calculation

The Intel Core i9-7980XE processor is currently the processor that beats all records on the workstation side, it is perfect for compiling large programs, for editing video files, for editing photos in very high resolution, for designing 3D environments , for advanced calculations as solving mathematical equations, statistics and probabilities of expert level. The difference on this side is very little visible on Geekbench 4 since only 1400 points separates it from the 7900X, but it is very real.

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