Colonial Charter is the best mod for Banished

Colonial Charter is the most popular mod right now for the game Banished. It is also a very good addition to the construction, adding a plethora of new buildings. We can finally evolve the houses to see them take the height, to host more people.

But we also have access to new businesses, new craftsmen. There are new types of materials to be worked on, new minerals to be harvested.

We have a lot of animals to raise, it’s a pleasure to see not only chickens, cows, but also bison, deer, pigs, llamas, ducks …

New seeds of plants and fruit shrubs to grow. With peaches, but also apricots, quinces, apples, grapes, corn, potatoes, leeks, rye, maple, tobacco, cotton, …

We rediscover the game. When we have test everything concerning businesses, then we end up with Victorian-style buildings, the governor’s house that collects taxes.

Finally, we can update the mines to collect more minerals, to have more miners. It is very nice to be able to evolve the houses so that the city continues to grow.

The latest innovation

– vertical houses,
– new materials,
– new seeds,
– new animals,
– new artisans,
– new businesses,
– several buildings upgrades,
– we can build boats,
– we can have specialized docks,
– specialized barns, and much wider,
– collect taxes,
– we can have military, palisades, forts, towers,
– we can make flour, milk, cheese, alcohols, …
– schools are bigger,
– churches can give place to chapels, cathedrals,
– hospitals are accompanied by city hospitals, herbalists, apothecaries,
– water towers can provide water to pubs, taverns, residential neighborhoods,
– the clothes have more varieties,
– tools can be stronger,
– roads are paved with different materials,
– luxury items offer more possibilities,
– pottery, candles,
– jars and barrels, with salt and sugar to preserve the food,
– monks will make their own culture of ale, beer,
– distilleries, tobacco houses, wineries,
– apiary will collect honey and beeswax,
– many elements of decorations,
– different types of marketplaces,
– even more extreme modes, with for example “Adam & Eve”,
– …


Everything is not perfect, because we regret quickly that the mills for now suffers in terms of animation. The wheels of water mills are indeed inert, as are the pale of windmills.

Finally, we will soon have gond around the whole mod, once we have reached more than 300-400 citizens. It will be easy to experiment every possibility. That is to say that after 3-4 days, we will have seen what the mod Colonial Charter can offer to us.

When the mountains are modified when we flatten them, we have yellow patterns that stay on the ground.

New life

However, it allows us to plunge back into this wonderfully well designed game. Very light, very fluid, very distracting. It is a pleasure to see the seasons passing by, the cold arriving, the smoke coming out of the chimneys, the trees losing their leaves, the merchants knocking at the door, the nomads asking for shelter … all this abounding life.

This is without a doubt the best strategy game since Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander, Cossacks, Age of Empire II & III, StarCraft, Total Annihilation, Pharaoh, Caesar III, Command & Conquer, and SimCity! Thanks to it, the genre is reborn and clones are already beginning to appear.

An incredible job that deserves to make a donation to the developers of Black Liquid Software.

To run the game, you will need the latest version of Banished.

There is an even more advanced mod, called MegaMod, but much more bugged at the moment according to the reviews.

Going even further

We just need even more giant maps for those who have powerful PCs.

It would also be necessary to have a central bank in which we would accumulate gold and silver. With money alone, we would able to develop certain buildings.

It would be great to be able to construct colossal monuments that would take decades to build, with sublime details on the realization. Much larger statues. Obelisks. Temples. A pantheon, a mausoleum, catacombs, a columbarium, a morgue. An arch, a triumphal arch, an altar, commemorative columns, a forum, a dome. A variety of monuments. A royal palace, an imperial palace, a prefecture.

A library to promote adult education. A college, a high school, a university. A research center. A school of engineers. A nursery. A museum. A zoo, a circus, a theater, an amphitheater, an opera, a dance floor. A park. A hippodrome, a blacksmith. A garden of plants. An archery, a riding center. A swimming pool. Thermal baths, public baths, latrines. The management of water with sewers, gutters, an aqueduct, a retention basin, fountains.

A real harbor. More varieties of boats. A lighthouse. Carts, caravans. A hotel, a restaurant, a hostel. A fishmonger, a baker, a pork butcher, a confectioner. A cooler. A courier. A dovecote. A toy factory. A shoemaker. An antique dealer. A hairdresser, a beautician. A brothel (!?). A freemasonry lodge. Laundry facilities. A pharmacy.

The possibility of having a real army, of strengthening its city even more, of being able to confront with enemies who would like to take possession of our wonderful territory. Ramparts with battlements. The possibility of climbing the mountains to install more diversity of forts, military camps. Police to catch criminals. A prison. A gallows, a guillotine, a wall of execution. An armory.

Even better, to be able to cross the ages, to start at the age of copper, with huts, then to go to the age of bronze, iron, … to be able to choose the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Gauls, francs, vikings, … and go until the nineteenth century. With the steam engines, the train. Well, it would greatly complicate the development of the game. And the game would quickly become very heavy to manage for the computer. Perhaps to make a different game for each epoch, each civilization, but especially with the possibility of changing the structures. So that finally, the challenges are not just about surviving cold, disease, hunger, and infestations.