How to clean a Senseo coffee machine

The Senseo coffee machine can very quickly have its nozzles dirty. It is then necessary to do a thorough cleaning.

1) To do this, you can already check that there is no ground coffee stuck in the metal filter of the capsule or pod holder.

2) You can dismantle the hot water nozzle outlet plate of the head with a torx screwdriver. Clean this plate, also the part of the head under which it was resting.

3) Remove the large circular seal on the machine head, and clean it. As well as the trench in which it rested.

4) Use a cotton swab, remove the dust from the nozzles (the small hole in the head).

5) The water tray contains dried microbial films. It should be cleaned with lemon juice (or other lemon dish) and shake the contents for several minutes. Repeat until there is no more dirt particles.

6) Put lemon dish, white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate in the pan. Heat the water and pour the equivalent of two coffee (only hot water, no coffee) into a bowl. By leaving the seal in the head and the pouring spout.

7) Without removing the foam from the pan (foam from the dishwasher), fill it with sufficient water for two coffees. And again pour the equivalent of two cups (no coffee, no capsule / pod holder, nor the metal plate of the head, always water). Repeat the operation 8-10 times.

8) This time, place the bin under the water, to remove the foam. Run hot water until there is no more foam generated by the machine in the bowl.

9) And here you have maintained your machine. To avoid dirt buildup in the bin, drain the water after each use.