China wants to participate to the project of base on the Moon

China would like to participate in the project to create a “village” on the Moon proposed by the European Space Agency. The project is called Moon Village. China could thus benefit from a transfer of technology and go faster on the conquest of space.

In the long term, it is already known that China wants to undermine the Moon, in particular helium 3.

ESA would be rather reluctant, as this would help to strengthen competition. On the other hand, they believe that space requires international cooperation.

The project would involve recovering samples, using resources, carrying out manned missions by 2030.

ESA would like to launch the project before the end of the International Space Station in 2024.

Installing a base on the Moon would provide an intermediate launch pad for missions to Mars.

The station would be printed on site in 3D and buried underground to avoid cosmic radiation. Regolith (the material that makes up the lunar soil) would thus be used. We would set up an observatory to scrutinize space, mining facilities to extract helium 3, titanium. The moon’s soil being loose, it will be easy to undermine our natural satellite. Other buildings will accommodate tourists.

The Nasa forbids any Chinese to visit its buildings or any Chinese astronaut to approach the international space station despite their repeated request. As the Chinese are known to copy technologies. So it could be problemation for the relationship between the ESA and the Nasa.