Check Google rank for keywords

Check what is the position of a website on Google depending of a keywords term.

– WhatsMySERP Checker, okay, 4s, unlimited keywords at a time (insert one by one),
Small SEO Tools Keyword Position Checker, okay, 3s, 5 keywords at a time (list),
SerpLab Rank Checker, okay, 2s, 5 keywords at a time (insert one by one),
SEOCentro Keyword Position, okay, 2s, one keywords at a time,
SEG Position Checker, okay, 3s, one keywords at a time,
Moonsy Keyword Rank Checker, okay, 4s, one keywords at a time,
SERPs Rank Checker, okay, 10s, one keywords at a time.

Some free services gives the possibility to enter an infinite list of keywords, to select the wanted search engine and language, but they don’t give the good result if you check.