Cat pees on the bed, what to do?

My cat pees on the bed from time to time very early in the morning or sometimes during the day, how to stop it? In general, the cat will routinely pee outside the litter when it is too dirty because its minimum required hygiene level is too high or if the nature of the litter has been changed or so that its owners get up and feed it.

Nature of litter

If the cat is used to mineral clumping litter and you go into plant clumping litter to be more in tune with the environment and have a better product that absorbs better pee and leaves less odor, it may disturb the animal. And it will then start to urinate outside the litter. You must return to the previous model or if you have several cats, take a second litter. Moreover it is recommended to have one more litter compared to the number of cats in the apartment or the house. You can try other types of litter, such as silica, which is generally of lower quality, or even more natural plant litters such as wood-based clumping litter (rather than tree bark litter like the one we find at the supermarket).

Litter too dirty

You do not do the litter often enough, it is quickly congested. It is a problem of laziness that is understandable, doing the litter is far from funny. Thus the fact that the cat pees on the bed will repeat indefinitely in the future according to your desires to do or not the litter. One solution is to opt for a self-cleaning cat litter. They are a little more expensive than normal litter but require much less effort on our part.

Willingness to raise its masters (or rather its slaves)

The cat wants at all costs not to be alone anymore and that we take care of it to make it play or to feed it. This is the worst case possible. It is then necessary to set up a mattress protection sheet to prevent the pee from reaching the latter, which would be very annoying. But also put a second above the quilt so that it is not reached by the liquid. There are several subterfuges for the cat to stop urinating on the bed. You can rub the duvet with croquettes and put the cat’s toys on the bed. We can also when it pees on the bed, directly clean the protective sheet with a bucket of soaped water, without getting up from the bed to make the cat understand that nothing is happening in that case.


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