Call of Duty WWII is a good war FPS game

Call of Duty WWII is a remastered version of the first opus. It also reminds us of Medal of Honor. A return to the appreciable origins. We are part of a squad that must carry out missions, whether with conventional fights, or infiltration missions. The first one is the landing in Normandy. This is the most difficult part, then the game has globally no particular difficulty.

It’s nice to be able to knock out Nazi soldiers. The variety of weapons is quite extensive. The graphics are pretty good. Cinematics take a lot of space, we would like to be able to play more and be less spectator of the thread of events even if the acting is excellent.

The lifespan of the game is 7-8 hours. Throughout the game, we are confronted to a sergeant who is not really friendly. The hero side of the character we play is a little redundant and easy, it would be more realistic if we would play a soldier among many others. The times when you have to destroy airplanes with anti-aircraft turrets, where you have to drive tanks to neutralize others, where you have to fight between airplanes are clearly not the best. We have to go through them to be able to move forward. We will prefer ground fighting soldiers against soldiers.

Another good point, there is zero bug! At no time, the game will freeze or will stop. In the same way we are not stuck in a hole in which we could not go out. This changes comparing to Wolfenstein II or Ghost Recon Wildlands.

In short, a good FPS!


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