Where to buy the best weapons in Kingdom Come?

If you want to progress quickly so you do not linger in the game Kingdom Come Deliverance, then we must make sure to accumulate wealth as quickly as possible by stealing the clothes and objects of the bandits that you beat on the road, or by stealing the caches in the houses.

Then, to increase your stats, it is necessary to upgrade your weapons and armor. For this it will be necessary to choose the weapons with the highest levels of defense and attack.

They are of course the most expensive. The trick to overcome the price is to wait until they fall a little and therefore do not necessarily buy the same day, but wait a few days. Prices change over the days, from simple to triple. Do not hesitate to bargain the price.

The best place to find the most powerful weapons is in the Rattay Armory.

Subsequently, you will find even more interesting armor, swords and helmets on the corpses of bandits that you have killed or in the treasures you find. You can have the list of treasure hunt sites on the web if you want to save groshens to buy treasure maps and most of all : time!


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