Where to buy Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 ?

On the Intel website, it is indicated that the processor is available since the 3rd quarter of 2017 and yet the Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 appears to be untraceable on the net. In fact, by we can find few points of sale. First of all on the online site of direct purchases and auctions Ebay:

Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 QS,Skylake, 28 Cores, 2.5GHz, 3.2GHz Turbo TDP 205W.

The shipment is international. The price is 4826 US dollars. How to explain such a difference with the price of 10,000 dollars indicated on the official website of Intel? This is a QS version that means Quality Sample, it’s the same as ES, namely Engeneering sample.

These versions are not versions of classic production but versions intended for testers. Thus the processor was used and pushed to its limits for a period of several days. That’s why the price is halved.

The second point of sale is on Alibaba:

Platinum 8180 28 core Scalable Processor for Intel Xeon.

Here it seems that they are normal production units. In order to know the price, you have to contact the seller who is in Malaysia.