Does the Bitcoin’s price have a limit?

Today the price of Bitcoin (above) is $10,800, while in january it was still $816, in july it was $1,900, in september to $3,600. Bitcoin can reach 25,000, then 50,000, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000 and finally $1 million. See more ? is there a limit to the rise of the Bitcoin quotation?

The market valuation is $182 billion. It’s colossal. We may have billionaires now in bitcoins.

Bitcoin Cash

Last july, Bitcoin split in two with the creation of Bitcoin Cash. If we take into account this last one, then the total value of Bitcoin is $12,400, with an overall valuation of $209 billion.

What future for Bitcoin?

The countries want to take advantage of the financial windfall reported through Bitcoins transactions by taxing them, but also the capital gains. They do not want to be isolated and be one of the few to reject the economic potential of cryptocurrencies. And too bad for ethics. Because if the currency is not regulated everywhere on Earth, it can obviously be used in a malicious way.

So what is the limit of the value of Bitcoin?

Let’s just look at what is the value of the most expensive stock in the world. This is Berkshire Hathaway, the financial management company of Warren Buffet (literally the best trader in the world). It is now valued at $283,000. The second is far behind Seaboard Corporation at $4,300. Its capitalization is set at 466 billion dollars. We can say that from this amount, it becomes difficult for individuals to invest more.

Then the highest capitalization on Earth: Apple with 882 billion dollars.

With Bitcoin, we have a total of $200 billion. While the currency is recent, it is virtual, the security is not 100% guaranteed. A security breach may be found within the next years, as a horde of hackers must undoubtedly work on it since its inception in order to be the one who broke the financial flagship of the moment. Its value is clearly unreasonable. And yet it went from 0.01 cents to over $ 10,000 in less than 8 years!

There are several big barriers to come through:

To reach $1,000 billion in capitalization at a price of $ 60,000. Then to reach a price of $300,000, a capitalization of $5 trillion. Beyond this, investors will prefer to bet on other crypto-currencies with higher potential. And its price, as well as its capitalization will begin to deteriorate.

Bitcoin can also very well collapse overnight for x reasons.

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