The Bitcoin compared to gold

Like gold, Bitcoin is a limited resource. Moreover over time some bitcoins disappear permanently because the owner dies, he loses his hard drive disk on which is located the hashes of the encrypted bitcoins, the HDD dies or is corrupted. While for the gold, it preserves itself well wherever it is in the form of coins, ingots, jewels and we will continue to find more; its resources evolve positively.

We are not in a financial crisis, there are decreasing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East while other are intensifying in the Korean peninsula. But nothing exceptional, we are far from the recession of 2008, the oil crisis of 1979, the second world war, the depression of 1929.

The price of gold (above) remains moribund. That said, volumes have woken up recently, from an average of 35,000 to 2.3 million. No doubt that it is a reaction to the risk of a thermonuclear conflict between the US and North Korea after its ballistic missile tests.

The value of the Bitcoin is much more volatile. It has risen from US $816 to US $10,900 in 2017. The madness of Bitcoin promises to reach tens of thousands of dollars, then hundreds of thousands. Nothing can stop the crazy train.


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