Is the Bitcoin a bubble?

Like the bulbs of tulip in the Netherlands in the seventeenth century, the bubble of the South Sea in England in the eighteenth, the European real estate bubble in the nineteenth, the purchase of Russian loans in France late nineteenth early twentieth, the technological bubble of the early 2000s, can we say that the Bitcoin is a bubble?

If the currency collapses for x reasons, we will speak of a bubble. But for now, we can not really say that it’s a bubble. The price flies because the product is limited. We won’t get too much of it. Unless the Bitcoin is used less and less and it becomes less recognized, which is unlikely to happen.

We can therefore assume that its price for a product even more limited than oil, coal, silver, platinum or gold is likely going to reach new peaks again and again. Its price will stabilize when no one can afford to buy it. The value will then make yoyo. Holders will sell it little by little to take advantage of the potential of other cryptographic currencies.