The Bitcoin is banned in some countries

The bitcoins are forbidden:

– in Thailand (2013), until it is announced that finally it is no longer illegal (2016),
– by the Chinese central bank (2013), which orders the closure of trading centers (2016),
– in Russia (2014), to change direction later and saying it was not illegal anymore (2017),
– in Morocco (2017).

The United States considers that the Bitcoin has no legal value, but it is not prohibited. In Europe bitcoin is considered as a virtual currency. There was an audition in France, but without result.

The case of China

For China, the Bitcoin presents “financial risks”. BTC China was forced to close in September 2016. The country argues that virtual currencies are based on “no legal basis”, that they are the “instruments of criminal activities”, including “drug trafficking and money laundering “. China accounted for 22% of global bitcoin trades. This caused a price collapse of around 30%.