The biggest massacres and genocides in the history of humanity

Here is the list of the biggest massacres and genocides in the history of humanity:

MassacreDatesCountryFirst belligérantSecond belligérantPercentage world population (soldiers involved)Dead
Gallic War58 - 50 BCFrance60,000 Romans7,520,000 Celts2,9154%2,090,000
Genocide of Hereros and Namas1884 - 1911Namibia- Germans- Hereros, namas-75,000
Assyrian Genocide1914 - 1920Turkey- Ottomans- Assyrians-750,000
Armenian GenocideApril 1915 - 1923Turkey- Ottomans- Armenians-1,617,200
Pontic Greek genocide1916 - 1923Turkey- Ottomans- Greek-480,000
Ukrainian genocide1932 - 1933Ukraine- Russian- Ukrainian-5,000,000
Sino-Japanese WarJuly 7, 1937 - September 9, 1945China5,600,000 Chinese4,100,000 Japanese0,4217%21,830,000
Gypsy Genocide1939 - 1945Germany- Germans- Gypsies-240,150
Holocaust1939 - 1945Germany, Poland- Germans- Jews of Europe-6,000,000
Great PurgesMarch 19, 1946 - March 5, 1953Russia- Soviet- Russian-5,000,000
1965 Massacres in IndonesiaOctober 1965Indonesia- Muslims- Communists-1,000,000
Genocide in BangladeshMarch 21 - December 16, 1971bangladesh- Pakistani- Bangladeshi-3,000,000
Cambodian genocide1975 - 1979Cambodia- Khmer- Cambodians-1,700,000
Kurdish genocideFebruary 23 - September 6, 1988Iraq- Iraqis- Kurds-180,000
Genocide of Tutsis in RwandaApril 7 - July 1994Rwanda- tutsis- hutus-800,000
Bosnian genocideJuly 11 - 13, 1995Bosnia and Herzegovina- Muslims, Croatians- Serbian-33,000

The Gaulic War includes a large massacre of the Celtic population by the Romans who had no pity at that time.

The genocides made by the Ottoman Empire reached 2.8 million humans. Adolf Hitler, who had visited his Ottoman chief at the time, was certainly inspired by this disastrous work. Although Germany had already carried out genocides in Namibia at the beginning of the 20th century.

Some massacres and genocides will remain unknown, such as the possibility of the Amerindian genocide or other Indian tribes of the American continent with the impact of the Spanish conquest. The Philippine genocide. The Bangladeshi genocide.

We could have added all the unwanted indirect deaths, such as famines, dysenteries. The viruses brought back by the Europeans in America who decimated the Amerindians, the Aztecs, the Incas. Slavery, knowing that up to 40% of the slaves died during the travel to America, and then another good part in the fields, under the whip. 14 million Africans have been enslaved.

During the Sino-Japanese War, 2.7 million Chinese civilians died under Japanese bombing.

There were at least 31 million deaths due to massacres and genocides. This represents 1.2% of the world population of 1950.

The biggest genocide remains the Holocaust, it will unfortunately not have prevented the genocides that followed.

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