What is the best mosquito racket?

Mosquitoes are a real plague and unfortunately their numbers are growing every year. With global warming, the phenomenon is getting worse and they are now colonizing all the areas, even the most northerly ones that were previously untouched. Warmer and more humid the regions are, the more they are conducive to the proliferation of mosquitoes. The tiger mosquito begins to be as present as the classical mosquito. Its bites seem even tougher and the buttons even wider and irritating.

We must therefore provide different solutions to face this pest. And one of the most effective one is to kill them in real time thanks to a mosquito racket. The electric versions are more than effective, we catch them as often as possible.

The electric mosquito fly swatter bug zapper bat racket, pests insects control has an output voltage of 3000V. As soon as the insect touches the mesh of the racket, it dies instantly. It can be useful in the house, but also during outdoor activities, taking care of the barbecue, gardening, camping, beach, hiking. A LED lighting system makes it easier to spot mosquitoes at night. It can also help attract other pesky insects such as food mites. A lithium battery is built into the racket; it can be recharged using a USB socket. Unlike other rackets, it has its electrical mesh fortified by a protective grid, which extends the life of the device. It also has a 1 year warranty.


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