Best lava lamp that lasts

The lava lamp was inspired by the operation and design of an hourglass. It was created by Edward Craven-Walker, in 1963.

The Lava Lite lamp is 14.5 inches high. It is available in several possible colors, with combinations blue / green, yellow / blue / green, red / pink / red, violet / orange, violet / red. Lava Lite allows customers to buy all the necessary parts for the device to repair it, renovate it, or improve it.

It takes a little more than an hour before the wax reaches a sufficient fluidity so that the lava begins to rise and fall.

The lamp has virtuous effects on the mind, it allows to relax after only a few seconds, to enter a kind of gentle meditation, ideal to disconnect from reality. Color schemes are more complex than a few years ago when you only had one color, red, blue or purple.

The effects have a great beauty, some bubbles collide and merge. While others cross and seem to dance between them. Once at the top, they marry the lava ceiling, before bouncing back down to the magma.


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