Best gloves for musculation

When you start in weight training, you buy gloves very quickly. And you take those that are the most purchased, like everyone else, namely the classic gloves in imitation leather of the supermarkets.

However, with the rubbing, sweating, these gloves will quickly self-tear. So you have to buy one pair every 6 months. Which is annoying. We do not want to drive to the commercial center just for a pair of gloves, even if it only costs 5 bucks.

So we’re trying some other gloves. Such as cyclist gloves, which will strangely last longer, during several years. Snowboarding gloves are also quite interesting.

However, when we make more than one hour of bodybuilding every day, or almost, we soon begin to feel the limit of this type of gloves that are always open from the first phalanx of the fingers. What we are going to have with the bar of the dumbbells which makes a quarter of turn in the hand is:

hard skin between the phalanges,
– the sensation of shredded skin around the fingerprints,
redness on the edge of the hand between the thumb and the forefinger,
– and finally beautiful blisters on your fingertips.

It is these sequelae that will limit us in our exercises of musculation.

A perfect pair of gloves would be a pair that completely wraps the bar. And fortunately it has been developed! It is called the Grip Power Pads.

This pair of gloves is perfect, no more friction problem with the bar. With it, we can do dumbbells, pulls. We therefore realize that we have been stopped for a long time and that we can increase now the repetitions by at least 25%, therefore get longer sessions, more intense and increase the results.