What are the benefits of using a VPN?

A VPN makes it possible to secure our connection if we use a public Wifi hotspot that can be easily hacked or whose information is exploited by the local business that offers the Internet connection. Travelers can navigate without worrying about having their private or banking information stolen.

VPNs are popular with sports fans who would like to see NBA or NFL games only accessible for US users. Major League networks generally prohibit access to their stream to ensure that consumers prefer ticket purchase and see the game directly in the stadium or on a private channel with a paid subscription. That’s why fans around the world are redirecting themselves to VPN connection offers to connect to a site and enjoy the game of their favorite team live, rather than waiting for the game to air the next day on free streaming sites.

VPNs also help improve the overall speed of the Internet, people are going through different channels, and saturate less the most used networks. Especially when the ISP is limiting the user’s network. In the case where an Internet plan is capped at a certain level in terms of downloaded data in the month or download and transmission speed, then we can go through a VPN to circumvent these restrictions put in place by the ISP and to have a normal diffusion of information.

VPNs are also often used to download torrents (not necessarily illegal) on an exchange platform, this anonymously, without taking the risk of being traced. We obviously do not recommend using VPNs to illegally upload copyrighted content.


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