How to avoid bed bugs

Bed bugs are almost impossible to eradicate once they reach the mattress. We often see mattresses ravaged by bedbugs in the street, because it is difficult to get rid of them when they nest in our bed. So how to get around knowing that we should call an expert to exterminate bedbugs in the house or in the building and that it is expensive. A good technique is to put simple traps at the foot of the bed.

An excellent trap is the Aspectek bed bug trap that offers this possibility with a simple toboggan system. The bug climbs on a pedestal with small steps, then falls into a ditch from which it can not go out. We can then wait for them to dry or we can empty the trap directly into the trash or use the vacuum to clean it. It’s perfect if you do not want to waste time with these little animals that are wreaking havoc. Before putting them in place, you must of course have thoroughly disinfected the sheets by washing everything above 140 ° F.

It is not necessary to add a product in the trap for it to work. However, by putting talc powder, we can optimize it; this will kill the insects. Each trap is 6.5 inches wide. This trap reassures and finally allows us to sleep on both ears.


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