Ashes of Singularity, a very entertaining futuristic strategy game

The game Ashes of Singularity is a futuristic strategy game like Supreme Commander. We choose between two camps, the number of enemies, the size of the map. The goal is then to reach a certain level with x points depending on the evolution of our camp or we have literally to destroy the enemy’s headquarters.


The music is excellent.

Fights are the big plus of the game, it feels like Star Wars.

The intermediate bases that we must conquer to increase the resources give the game its own signature.

The lessers

The text, especially the number of metal reserves, of radioactive material is illegible because it is too small, whatever is the resolution. It’s very annoying for a game of this level.

The sound effects are very limited, quickly repetitive, which annoys quickly.

The design of buildings and vehicles is too simplistic. It remains, however, quite satisfactory.

The explosions are pretty ugly.


An entertaining game that does not reach the aura of Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander but still allows you to have a good time.


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