AMD Ryzen 5 2600X benchmarks on Geekbench 4

Here are the results of the AMD Ryzen 5 2600X CPU on the Geekbench 4 benchmark software:

BenchmarksAMD Ryzen 5 2600XAMD Ryzen 5 1600X
Single-core score4,7814,269
Multi-core score22,23519,175
Single-core crypto score6,0995,561
Single-core integer score4,4964,228
Single-core floating Point score4,4164,163
Single-core memory score5,6424,661
Single-core memory copy15.6 GB/sec13.2 GB/sec
Single-core memory latency27.7 GB/sec24.0 GB/sec
Multi-core crypto score15,24914,501
Multi-core integer score27,26723,849
Multi-core floating Point score26,27823,704
Multi-core memory score6,5985,524
Multi-core AES11.5 GB/sec10.4 GB/sec
Multi-core LZMA 53.9 MB/sec45.3 MB/sec
Multi-core JPEG 266.4 Mpixels/sec236.4 Mpixels/sec
Multi-core canny 324.3 Mpixels/sec283.3 Mpixels/sec
Multi-core lua 27.0 MB/sec24.6 MB/sec
Multi-core dijkstra 12.2 MTE/sec9.9 MTE/sec
Multi-core SQLite 0.8 Mrows/sec0.6 Mrows/sec
Multi-core HTML5 parse111.9 MB/sec98.7 MB/sec
Multi-core HTML5 DOM33.5 MElements/sec29.2 MElements/sec
Multi-core histogram equalization643.7 Mpixels/sec573.2 Mpixels/sec
Multi-core pdf rendering409.5 Mpixels/sec326.4 Mpixels/sec
Multi-core LLVM3.5 Kfunctions/sec3.0 Kfunctions/sec
Multi-core camera 86.6 images/sec77.6 images/sec
Multi-core SGEMM309.4 Gflops282.4 Gflops
Multi-core SFFT58.5 Gflops52.3 Gflops
Multi-core n-body physics26.2 Mpairs/sec22.1 Mpairs/sec
Multi-core ray tracing 3.4 Mpairs/sec2.9 Mpairs/sec
Multi-core rigid body physics105643.1 FPS94113.3 FPS
Multi-core HDR 115.0 Mpixels/sec103.3 Mpixels/sec
Multi-core gaussian blur459.6 Mpixels/sec385.5 Mpixels/sec
Multi-core speech recognition180.9 Words/sec149.7 Words/sec
Multi-core face detection9.7 Msubwindows/sec8.7 Msubwindows/sec
Multi-core memory copy20.0 GB/sec18.8 GB/sec
Multi-core memory latency71.2 ns92.7 ns
Multi-core memory bandwidth 34.9 GB/sec29.2 GB/sec
Global performance+15%
EbayAMD Ryzen 5 2600XAMD Ryzen 5 1600X

In terms of progress, the AMD Ryzen 5 2600X processor is better than the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, it is indeed 15% more efficient than the old version in 14 nm (against 12 nm LP for this one), i.e. the AMD Ryzen 5 1600X. In addition, its price should be much lower, according to the latest information.


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