Amazon link localizer solutions

When you join the Amazon associate program, you can subscribe to the other national versions of Amazon, namely UK, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, India, Japan and China.

For some countries like Japan or China, we can be rejected because our site is not in the right language, it can also be asked to the person to live in the country of the affiliate program.

When you want to promote a product, you may wish the user to be redirected to the right platform, namely if he is English, if he is American, if he is Canadian .

Otherwise, an English, or a Canadian visitor may be sent to, which would be a shame.

There are two solutions to this issue. Either you go through a plugin that uses an external gateway (a second website), or you can use an internal plugin (JavaScript code to copy and paste into your site FTP).

External Plugin

The advantage of the plugin with an intermediate website is its ease of implementation.

If you have WordPress, simply install and activate the desired extension. The disadvantages are that these services will evolve over time; Also, when the user passes his mouse over the link of the product, the URL that will be displayed will be a reduced URL (tiny URL) with a redirection and therefore it does not give confidence, we don’t know where we are going. Similarly, once the user has clicked on the link, a redirect page appears with a waiting message, “please wait …” with up to ten seconds of latency, depending on whether the server is crowded or saturated. This waiting period may seem too long.

As it has been said, these services, sometimes free, may change over time. The service can disappear and so all your links with it (sometimes thousands of links). It can require paying subscription and replace your affiliate IDs with its own until you pay. The server may crash or be congested and send the visitor in the void.

Internal Plugin

The internal plugin is more complex to set up. At least if you do not know JavaScript / PHP. That said, there is often a guide with it. Its advantages are obvious, we see the url Amazon when you pass the mouse over the links; We know, where we land, which may prompt to click on it. Then, it’s direct, no intermediate page, no waiting in navigation.

The functioning of the plugin is a rewrite of the classic link to an Amazon product by the correct extension according to the geo location of the IP of the surfer, and the addition of your affiliation ID at the end. There is 2-3 seconds delay for rewriting (7-8 seconds if there are dozens of links; so it’s better to reduce the number of links); It’s annoying if the visitor quickly clicks on a link, which is rare.

The JavaScript plugin uses JSAPI from Google. So it can stop working if Google has problems with its servers (it happens). The URL rewriting is not always perfect, a potential English customer can still see the Amazon US link if JSAPI is unable to locate his IP for x reason.


It is better to lose few minutes in the installation of the internal plugin and then get a restful mind for the next months and years. Rather than opt for ease and have to reissue a ton of links later in case of major issues.

External Plugins :

Affiliate geo target,

Internal Plugins :

Javascript Amazon associate link localizer (don’t forget to make a donation to the coder).