Alternative to the siphon of the shower

The shower siphon helps to prevent hair or dead skin from entering the drain pipe and causing it to become clogged.

The siphon tends to fill up quickly. It must be purged regularly. Which quickly becomes a chore. If it is left clogged for too long then the bowl of the shower overflows with water, our feet are wading in the water full of bacteria. There is a risk of developing mycosis or having plantar warts.


A good solution is to replace the siphon with a grid-type sink filter that will prevent hair and pieces of cottons on the body from entering the ducts.

This solution is excellent except if the shower hole emits odors because there are deposits in the evacuation system. The grid may allow these smells to pass. It is then necessary to think of using a sucker to unclog it or to use products of the DesTop type to unravel it.

The grid will be easy to clean.