Alternative to Mondo rescue interface

Alternative commands tests to Mondo rescue interface to do backup :

mondoarchive -O -p backup -i -d  /var/cache/mondo

Output :

Please specify your boot loader and device, e.g. -l GRUB -f /dev/hda. Type 'man mondoarchive' to read the manual.
mondoarchive -O -t -d /dev/ -b 8192
mondoarchive -Ot -d /dev/st0 -s 4g

Output :

For the moment, please don't specify a tape size
mondoarchive -Ot -d /dev/st0 -s

Output :

mondoarchive: option requires an argument -- 's'
mondoarchive -Ot -d /dev/st0

Output :

Unable to open tape device. If you haven't specified it with -d, do so
mondoarchive -O -t -d /var/cache/mondo -b 8192
mondoarchive -Ot -d /var/cache/mondo -E '/var/cache/mondo'
mondoarchive -O -V -i -s 4480m -d /mnt/windows/share_data -I / -E /mnt/windows/share_data -T /tmp -9

More about Mondorescue commands :

-O  – Means: Do a backup.
-V  – Instructs Mondo to verify the results.
-i    – Select .ISO image backup as a form of backup format.
-s   – Size of ISO images  – In my case 4480 is a DVD size.
-d   – The destination where each ISO image file will be saved. In my case: /mnt/windows/share_data (this is a windows network share mounted into Centos 7 and also the destination for my backups). If you want to learn how to mount a windows drive to Linux, follow these step by step instructions on How to mount a windows share on CentOS 7 (RHEL). In any case, you can create a backup into any folder on the existing drive (same drive that’s being hot backed up) – just make sure to later exclude that destination from a backup.
-I    – Specifying ‘/’ (same as in the interactive mode) will back up the whole system (with exception of excluded paths).
-E   – This is what you want excluded from a backup and that is typically the destination of a backup, so in my case: /mnt/windows/share_data
-T   – location of the temp directory. I usually point to /tmp folder which is by default also excluded from a full system backup.
-9    – Instructs Mondo to use maximum compression (this can be any value, but maximum compression will result in the smallest possible ISO images).

Note, if you want to create an incremental backup instead of a full backup, add additional option switch to above line:

-D   – This will instruct Mondo to create a differential backup on top of original full backup created using options above.