Best alternative to HDMI port when HDMI ports are dead

What are the best alternatives to the HDMI port when HDMI ports no longer work on a TV. Unfortunately HDMI ports are the first targets of planned obsolescence. The soldering of the HDMI ports switching processor only lasts a few years, then micro cracks appear and it would be necessary to resold it. A task that is complex and may damage the device even more if you don’t know how to solder, especially since the chip is small. The chip can also be disabled if the TV is too close to the wall and it overheats.

You have the choice between several connectors:

1. Basic solution: HDMI to RCA converter.

RCA ports, ie AV (composite) are a bad solution because the quality is limited to 480p. The problem is that there is only one cable for all colors. Choose it only for simple video demonstrations, for old pixelated video games, to view images that do not need to be viewed in high resolution.

2. Another basic solution: HDMI to SCART converter.

Same reasoning as above. The quality generated by a scart socket is maximum 576p, which greatly limits its interest. The scart port disappears little by little and there is little chance that the second device (console, computer, box tv) has one unless it is of an older generation.

3. Good solution: HDMI to YPbPr converter.

YPbPr ports are the components. They are usually limited to 720p. Sometimes at 1080i. The difference between 1080i and 1080p is that when the image moves in action scenes or when you quickly move a character in a video game, it will be blurry, unlike the 1080p that will have the most net possible picture. However recent TVs (2011 and beyond) generally offer compatibility up to 1080p. You have to check that in the manual of your TV. If it is the case, then it is a very good solution.

3. Best solution: HDMI to VGA converter with an audio jack cable.

The VGA port allows quality in 1080p. It is common on most secondary devices. It only communicates the image. You will therefore have to add a 3.5 mm audio jack cable of the desired distance (distance between the TV and the converter).

4. Alternatively: VGA to VGA cable with an audio jack cable.

If the secondary device has a VGA female output, then you can directly take a VGA to VGA cable, it will cost less than the converter or adapter. A solution to plan if you have only one device to connect and not several with HDMI outputs.

All these ports will be less likely to be obsolete because they do not have a switching processor similar to the one of HDMI ports.

Note that these converters and adapters are better when the HDMI input is male and when the RCA / YPbPr / VGA output is female. This can make it difficult to connect if you want to use your existing HDMI cables, as you will need a HDMI female to HDMI female adapter but the chances of the image being worn and lasting over time are maximized.


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