AIDS: a possible remedy thanks to DNA scissors

US scientists have managed to completely eradicate the virus with a technique that allows DNA manipulation.

Today treatments are only able to block the evolution of the virus in the body. But there is still no way to completely cure AIDS.

In the Molecular Therapy journal, scientists in the United States explain how they managed to completely eradicate the virus in living mice.

They used a new method, called DNA scissors that alter DNA. The scientific term is CRISPR / Cas9. This method is naturally used by bacteria. A protein cuts DNA, modifying or deactivating genes. In the case of the AIDS, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have removed the fragments of genes affected by the virus.

The progression of the virus is stopped but not only, as it is totally eradicated.

A new problem then arises, the fact that humans become genetically modified. The method used is therefore controversial. The CIA considers this method as a “weapon of mass destruction”. It is then expected to be patient before we test it on primates and finally on humans.

In China, this method would have already been used on human embryos, which would allow the creation of these famous genetically modified humans.