Advantages and disadvantages of the deserts

Disadvantages of the deserts

Sandstorms reach cities and pose a real concern for cleanliness, visibility, safety for pedestrians who can slide on the road. It reduces the economic benefits. They spread each year with global warming, while on the contrary glaciers recede; the global increase in the heat of the planet rises with wider desert areas.

Deserts do not allow the setting of life. Only a tiny part of life is able to thrive in the desert. They dry up the regions and increase the temperature (up to 78 ° C in Algeria). They worsen global warming by reflecting the UV rays that bounce off the atmosphere.

The new deserts leave salt deposits that permanently damage the soil.

With the desertification, and the disappearance of plants and trees, the groundwater tables, in which the plants drew up, rise to the surface, reach salty layers, emerge and with their salinity further degrade the quality of the soil.

Advantages of the deserts

Sandstorms fertilize oceans and seas. They offer large expanses that allow the installation of large buildings or large solar photovoltaic plants, thermodynamic solar, solar thermal.

It is possible to do some treks in the desert with camel caravans.

With sand you can make silica. We can produce glass, electronic chips, processors. We can import the sand to fill the beaches.

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